About Kaja Gam Design
“The spaces we live in should be defined by how we live”

Kaja Gam Design, Inc. is a full-service historic restoration and interior design company. Founded in 1993, Gam and her crew of artists and technicians have renovated homes and apartments in Manhattan, New Jersey, the Hamptons, and Westchester.

Kaja takes a holistic approach to the design process and believes in creating environments that reflect the client’s personality, not hers. “The spaces we live in should be defined by how we live,” says Gam.

A Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP), Gam is a visionary in reconfiguring spaces adaptable to the lifestyle changes of her clients. She and her team of artists and technicians can fulfill most any restoration and/or renovation project, from interior design and color schemes to plumbing and electrical wiring.

About Kaja Gam

Kaja Gam

A multi-talented artist with an expertise in faux finishes, restoration techniques, and space planning, Danish-born and educated Kaja Gam came to the U.S. in the 1980s as a performance artist, earning master’s degrees in theater and choreography from New York University.

As artistic director of Awkward Dance, Kaja created performance art works incorporating film, theater, dance, and sculptural environments, often in collaboration with other artists. Her work was visually stunning, maximizing the interaction between light, color, and space.

After taking time out to have a family, Kaja refocused her career as a muralist and decorative painter, using historic European “faux bois” and finish techniques.

It was Kaja’s painting skills that brought her to the attention of New York designers and homeowners in the Hamptons and Manhattan. Clients recognized Kaja’s innate sense of design, color, and space, and eventually she took on an increasing number of interior and exterior renovation and remodeling projects as an extension of her decorative painting.

In 1993, she founded Kaja Gam Color Design, which morphed into her current firm, Kaja Gam Design, Inc, a full-service interior architecture and design firm with restoration as a focal point. Kaja has been exposed to historic preservation since she was a young girl, working alongside family members on restoration projects in her native Denmark. She uses those same techniques in the historic home restoration projects she undertakes today. Kaja was appointed to the Ossining Historical Preservation Commission in 2011.

An ardent environmentalist, Kaja also encourages the use of sustainable and renewable materials that preserve resources and our planet, and has been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2000.

Kaja is a member of GoodWeave, an association whose goods are produced solely by carpet mills and workshops that do not employ child labor. In this way, Kaja knows that her custom-designed rugs are made with the highest quality materials and held to the highest humanitarian standards.

Recently, Kaja earned the designation Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP) after undergoing a rigorous training and testing process in the areas of universal design/remodeling, which is based on the principles of intelligent space planning and adaptability. Kaja knows how to ask the right questions and design a space that is fully-functional, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable to the client’s current and future needs.