Kaja Gam Design Project Managment

"It is relatively easy to find capable interior designers in New York. It is more complicated to find one who can bridge the gap between designer and contractor."

Project Management Services

Kaja Gam Design includes everything needed to effectively research, start, maintain and finish your project.

Project Management Services can require a large array of skills and talents. Delivering your project on time, being budget conscious and delivering the highest quality outcome is a priority. We understand that a rigid approach is needed but with the flexibility to adapt to unexpected events.

You’ll have a trained professional on your side to handle:

  • researching costs
  • organizing workflow
  • coordinating contractors
  • communicating with vendors
  • following up with suppliers
  • enforcing work schedules
  • ensuring quality workmanship

With the use of Project Management Services, you can expect:

  • costs to be fully understood upfront
  • a work schedule to be developed and distributed to all involved
  • contractors to show up on time
  • vendors to deliver materials as promised
  • work to proceed without excuses or unnecessary delays
  • quality of work to be as expected or better
  • ensuring quality workmanship
  • and your project to flow smoothly without the typical frustration and headaches