The Bathroom Spa: A case study

Converting a Basement into a Luxury Home Spa When a client asked Kaja Gam Design to convert the entire lower level of her home into a bathroom spa, they welcomed the opportunity and immediately said “YES.” The setting was perfect for a spa as it had ample space for a freestanding tub and sauna, a […]

Delos WELLness and Luxury

Wellness can be luxurious, but luxury is not required for well-being. Introducing Delos WELLness and Luxury. The latest trend after LEED certification is bound to be WELLness Certification according to twin brothers Paul and Peter Scialla, who make up the real estate development group DELOS. They have dedicated the last five years to the science […]


When I Get Older…

If you’ve arrived at the point in your life where the kids have moved on and you have some extra time – and maybe even some extra money! – for home renovations, one of the first rooms that often comes to mind is the master bath. No more sharing sinks, tubs and showers with messy […]

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Luxurious Lavs

Last month we envisioned re-creating the luxurious appeal of a boutique hotel bedroom in your own home. This month let’s take the pampering a step further and see how your en-suite bath can become as luxurious as your new boutique bedroom – and still be uniquely yours. As my clients know, I am committed to green design and […]

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Transforming the Ranch: Updating the Bathroom

The raised, split, and standard ranches are a part of every suburban community throughout the country. Like the two-story gabled farmhouse of the previous century, the ranch is one of the prevailing house styles in the suburban landscape. A product of the post-war building boom, which lasted well into the 60’s, ranch-style houses became the […]

Bathroom Design Portfolio

Making the Most of Small Bathrooms

Early in the design process of renovating an older bathroom, the question invariably comes up: Is there room for a double sink? In many cases there is room if you use a little finesse and creativity. But the real question is; what do you give up when including two sinks in a small bathroom? Double […]