mud room

Much More Than A Mudroom

We’ve all heard of the mudroom, but have you heard about the “All-Room?” When I grew up, we had a room for “all the other stuff.” It wasn’t a storage room or the place where you dropped your muddy boots, your fishing rod and your sail gear. It was an interactive room for things you […]

teen spaces

Near But Far

Hangouts that satisfy teens desire to be on their own – while still at home If you have teenagers, you know how they need their “space.” Yet even as they try to distance themselves from their parents – both mentally and spatially – teenagers still want to stay close. This tendency to say “Leave me […]

dorm room design

Dorm Room Design 101

A few weeks ago I was sitting around a large table at Starbucks with six high school seniors discussing dorm rooms. After a timid first half hour, when it was clear that none of the girls had any concrete plans or had even thought in detail about their pending four years (or more?!) of college […]

home theater

Now Showing: Home Theaters

The calendar may say spring is right around the corner, but winter seems to be hanging on for dear life. If the mere thought of bundling up and braving the fierce March winds to catch a movie sends a chill up your spine, you might want to think about installing your own home theater. The […]

Basement Space: Your basement is a goldmine

Readers of my monthly columns know that I am always encouraging my clients to look at options for working with their existing home footprints before they consider adding on additional rooms or spaces. When they do so, they often find that their basements hold the space they need and can be converted into the comfortable, […]

Pet sleeping

Pet Projects: Designing for your pet

Even though we like to think of our pets as important and treasured members of our families, we sometimes forget about the ways in which we can include them in our home design and decorating plans. Thanks to new products and technologies, it has never been easier to incorporate the needs of our four-legged (or […]

mudroom cabinets

Create A Mudroom

If your house doesn’t have a mudroom, it should. And it can. Mudrooms were designed as the catchall for the “stuff” of every family member. Rather than dumping dirty shoes and wet raincoats on the carpet just inside the front or back door, everyone can make their first stop the mudroom. Don’t have one in […]