Rugs made to order

Rugs are often referred to as the fifth wall, and designers are very specific about where in the design process the rug comes in.  For us, the rug is one of the starting points, after the furniture lay-out and style has been established.  The colors, pattern, shape, and size of a rug frames a room […]

Furniture Purchase With The Future In Mind

I recently returned from a trip to Toronto where I put the finishing touches on a client’s new home. I have worked with my client for over 10 years, and apart from having transformed her children’s bedrooms, we renovated a kitchen, refurbished a deck and worked on almost every room in their house. The best […]

Major renovation with Kaja Gam Design

Family Friendly Fabrics

Does this scenario from a client of mine sound familiar to you: “After this last snowstorm, I have had it. I know spring is not going to come any sooner this year, but the gleaming light bouncing off the snow hit my living room like a 3,000- watt searchlight and revealed the bare and ugly […]

indoor lighting

Basic Lighting 101

With the arrival of daylight savings time this month, many homeowners find themselves reminded of more than just the need to set their clocks back one hour: they are reminded that those grand plans they had to remodel their dark and dreary rooms never materialized – not this year, at least. If you find yourself […]