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Whole House Renovation Case Study

For this project Kaja Gam Design was hired to do a house renovation starting with a kitchen that was more than 40 years old. Knowing that the client traveled often to the Far East for business, was the father of two children and was passionate about cooking, Kaja suggested a “family-friendly chef’s kitchen” with an […]

Delos WELLness Part 3

This concludes our three weeks of blogs inspired by a look into the ingredients of the Delos WELLness concept.  The last piece, which is ever present in all we do and think about when we design for our clients is about mind shifting, that we will not end where we started, that we will bring […]

Delos WELLness: Air, Touch, and Sound

This is the second in our three weeks of blogs inspired by a look into the ingredients of the Delos WELLness concept. AIR:  Air quality is enormously important.  Tighter built, newer houses often have poorer air quality than older leakier houses.  And, in houses without AC, doors and windows tend to be kept open, which […]


Design is alive and well in Denmark

Design is alive and well in Denmark. The two most exciting shops I visited on a recent trip to Copenhagen were Stilleben and HAY.  Both follow the tradition of Scandinavian furniture and product design with clean modern light lines, pale woods and strong textural accessories. Stilleben has one store in Copenhagen and offers original ceramic […]


June to me is Vera Neumann Month

I started collecting Vera Neumann fabrics accidentally when I came across some of her scarves at an Upper East Side street fair in the early eighties.  That’s when street fairs were real community events organized by little old ladies with kidskin gloves and matching handbags.  Digging through their remnants of costume jewelry and scarves up for […]

Air Quality: Breathe Easy This New Year

As part of your New Year’s resolution this year, add better air quality to the list of your home projects. There is an ever-growing problem with mold and mildew in basements that can lead to allergies such as asthma. Poor attic ventilation in an overheated, humid attic can deteriorate the structure of your house, not […]

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Dad’s Green Energy

Editor’s Note: When I shared my remembrances of my mother in my June 2011 ezine, I was worried some may have thought it too personal, but your feedback was quite positive. So here are some remembrances of my father who was a trailblazer (quite literally) in green design. My father was a bit of an […]

Green Cleaning

Harmony and Prosperity in 2012

Our credo this year is Harmony and Prosperity. Why be so preposterous as to claim that 2012 will be harmonious and prosperous, you may ask? Well, we believe that unless you claim it, it will not happen. So claim it! Say it enough times and your attitude will change. You will set into motion an […]

Design With Time In Mind

I always encourage my clients to take an active role in the design or redesign of the spaces in their homes. I like it when they come to me with pictures from magazines of things they like or rough ideas sketched out on napkins or scrap paper. In simple terms, that means you cannot expect […]

treasure box

My Mother’s Memory Boxes

Author’s Note: Friends, I hope you will allow me to take a slightly different turn in this month’s column. While I usually try to provide you with lots of practical tips and advice on design topics, this month I want to share with you a personal experience. It’s a little long, but I hope it […]