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Yonkers Fairy Tale House

This beautiful and quaint English style cottage/bungalow is part of a 1920’s neighborhood of unusual small houses, many from the Sears Catalog. Yes, we said Sears. Sears Catalog Homes (sold under the Sears Modern Homes name) were catalog and kit houses sold primarily through mail order by Sears, Roebuck and Company, an American retailer. Sears reported […]

Major renovation with Kaja Gam Design

The Exodus from City Life: Major Renovation

We have been busy, so busy that I have neglected writing my monthly e-zine – for quite some time. Summer took us straight into fall with new major renovation projects, many of which are extending into next year. With many older homes on the market and interest rates still being low, those who have waited […]

Creating a Harmonious Showpiece Apartment; Helping design opposites attract

A Manhattan couple, Rick and Martha, hired Kaja Gam Design to do a complete make-over for their new Harlem apartment—a 2,000 square foot, loft-like condo on the penthouse floor. They wanted something different from the apartment they had just left, and they wanted it to be impressive. The problem was that Rick and Martha had […]

6 Golden Rules of Home Renovation; What investments are important now.

Here is what our clients are telling us about what home renovations are paying off for them. Some decisions you make now will impact what renovations you will take this year and into the next. Coming out of a pleasant, albeit short summer, August and September were busy months with planning and decision making for […]

Kaja Gam Design Bathroom Porfolio

Whole House Renovation Case Study

For this project Kaja Gam Design was hired to do a house renovation starting with a kitchen that was more than 40 years old. Knowing that the client traveled often to the Far East for business, was the father of two children and was passionate about cooking, Kaja suggested a “family-friendly chef’s kitchen” with an […]

Hastings on Hudson Kitchen by Kaja Gam Design

Dollars and Sense

Why a house renovation is more than JUST looking at numbers Long before deciding on things like countertops and paint colors, homeowners considering major house renovations need to ask themselves more important and basic questions, including: How long are we going to stay here? Can we afford it? What is the value of our house […]

design ideas

Design Ideas for Working with a Budget

As we embark on a new year and a downturn in the economic environment, most of us have become increasingly cautious about spending. At such times renovation plans tend to be put on hold for a brighter day. While caution and thinking twice about how to spend is always wise, when it comes to the […]

renovation blueprints

Get Control Over Your Home Renovation Project

From our experience successful projects start from the inside out, from proper space planning, budgets, and in applying the design to your life style. And in our opinion, the most successful renovations involve a team where interior design, exterior architecture, construction issues, and budget are addressed simultaneously. Remodeling is not so difficult, you might say, […]


Custom-Built vs. Ready-Made Cabinets: When and where to spend

Custom-Built vs. Ready-Made Cabinets: Which Is the Better Value? Storage space is something no one can have too much of. Many times, as we live in our homes for longer periods of time, we discover we need more room. Closets that are stuffed to capacity, pantries filled to the brim or stacks of CDs and […]