The Exodus from City Life: Major Renovation

We have been busy, so busy that I have neglected writing my monthly e-zine – for quite some time.

Summer took us straight into fall with new major renovation projects, many of which are extending into next year. With many older homes on the market and interest rates still being low, those who have waited now act and buy their first home.

We have two current projects that came along at the same time with similar scenarios and the houses are also identical in age and size. Both owners are young couples with their first on the way or a new baby who were seeking air and space outside of the 5 boroughs.

I dislike the term ‘starter home’ -not every house is just a starting point, but it may in some cases end up being the place where you put down roots for good to form a family and also retire. We approached both projects with the respect due to the first house dream and the excitement that comes with it.

Major renovation with Kaja Gam DesignThe things on their wish lists are:

  • New and open kitchen
  • Renovated bathrooms
  • New windows and front door – to increase curb appeal
  • Updated lighting fixtures
  • Refinished floors, fresh paint in soothing colors, and new furniture
  • Down the line a renovated basement and/or an extension to create a larger Master Suite

It has been fun and engaging to develop the ideas and bring them to life during the construction with our first time owners – and that in a very short time period. As a seasoned design-build team, we have an extra responsibility to the first time buyer – there are Ideas and expectations that may not be met with the budgets in mind – or even the time frame allowed before move-in date. The best way is to put those ideas into a future or ongoing project- something that can be undertaken after move-in or as a next phase.

We also make it our goal to educate our new clients about the dos and don’ts of homeownership, we point out maintenance issues that they should add to their monthly or yearly check-list, so it remains exactly that – maintenance and not a catastrophe waiting to happen.

In any and all cases we treat our clients to the knowledge, trial and error, we as both contractors and homeowners have gained over the last 22 years.

Welcome to Westchester!

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