Delos WELLness and Luxury

Wellness can be luxurious, but luxury is not required for well-being. Introducing Delos WELLness and Luxury. The latest trend after LEED certification is bound to be WELLness Certification according to twin brothers Paul and Peter Scialla, who make up the real estate development group DELOS. They have dedicated the last five years to the science […]

Guilt free decadence with social conscience provenance

When I look at the furniture and decorative items around my house — pillows, small tables, candelabras, bowls, lamps and the little things that make up the style of who I am, the pieces I take out from storage or buy new to enhance the changing seasons, or things that just say what I like […]

energy efficient home

The Real Green

Energy-saving efforts are where money is being spent today. The federal government is pushing states to start saving energy — now. New York state (like many others) has established a new entity devoted entirely to energy saving. The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority, or NYSERDA, (no, Jon Stewart didn’t make that up) […]

Green Cleaning

Spring Cleaning the Way Nature Intended

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to give your home a fresh new look is to give it a good spring cleaning… and a little paint. With the current economic downturn (notice I didn’t say the “R” word), cleaning your home of unwanted, unused items is a great way to start the summer. […]

Going “Green”: Environmentally-conscious home design

It’s hard to pick up a newspaper today without reading another alarming headline about the impact global warming is having on our planet. This growing concern, along with this month’s Earth Day celebrations, has caused a number of our clients to ask how to implement more environmentally-conscious home designs and renovations. I have to be honest […]