Getting Organized: Time to Move into Fall

Summer is over, fall is imminent and for some, major holidays already came and went.  We have lived with a light wardrobe and spent more time outside than inside for the last 3 months, so it is no surprise that your house feels and looks neglected.  Now is the time to focus on the indoors […]


June to me is Vera Neumann Month

I started collecting Vera Neumann fabrics accidentally when I came across some of her scarves at an Upper East Side street fair in the early eighties.  That’s when street fairs were real community events organized by little old ladies with kidskin gloves and matching handbags.  Digging through their remnants of costume jewelry and scarves up for […]

Color Your World

Color Your World

Any couple that has decided to re-paint a room knows that agreeing on a new color often requires as much diplomatic give-and-take as negotiating a peace treaty. So let me offer a few pointers on how to make your living room fresh again, while not jeopardizing your marital harmony or your bank account. Color is […]


C’mon Baby Light My Fire

What better way to tune out the hectic pace of the post-holidays than to sit down in front of a crackling fire and allow it to soothe your senses with its dancing flames and rustic aromas. I can think of no better way to bring your family together and silence the unending barrage of mindless […]