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Closet Case; Making the most of closet storage

We recently re-designed a bedroom closet. At first glance it appeared too small for the needs of the client, but further investigation revealed it was simply poorly laid out. Our solution was to make every inch count by following our mantra for good closet design: you should be able to reach for the clothes you […]

Tips For Cleaning Out The Garage (and avoiding the scavenger hunt)

Do ventures into your garage turn into scavenger hunts, where you find yourself rifling through bins of sports equipment, toys and tools searching for that one soccer cleat or a garden tool that has gone missing? And how many times on those scavenger hunts have you promised yourself that come summer, “This place is getting […]

closet organizer

Reconfiguring Your Closet

You’ve got closet space, right? But not really the way you want it, not really enough and definitely not in the places you need it. We are all too familiar with the “make do”situations of storage space. Whether we live in a Victorian house, a raised ranch or a high-rise apartment, we share the same […]