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Kaja Gam Design Moves Next Door

Ossining, N.Y. — Kaja Gam Design, Inc. & KGHome, an interior design and custom remodeling firm located in Ossining, moved from its former location at 125 Main St. to the second floor of 127 Main St. on Sept. 1. The space at 127 Main was formerly home to architect Roger Pellaton, who left his mark […]

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Dad’s Green Energy

Editor’s Note: When I shared my remembrances of my mother in my June 2011 ezine, I was worried some may have thought it too personal, but your feedback was quite positive. So here are some remembrances of my father who was a trailblazer (quite literally) in green design. My father was a bit of an […]

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“Best of Remodeling” National Recognition goes to Ossining’s Kaja Gam Design and KGHome

June 26, 2012 – Ossining, N.Y. — Kaja Gam Design, Inc. & KGHome, an interior design and custom remodeling firm located in Ossining, has been named the winner of the Houzz community’s “Best of Remodeling” customer satisfaction awards. Houzz is a leading online site for home design enthusiasts. Design professionals showcase their portfolios on Houzz and […]

Outdoor Rooms; Rooms with a view

Renovating an outdoor space can be a costly affair. If you want the popular trend of an outdoor chef’s kitchen, covered eating area on a natural stone patio, a fireplace and a pool, expect to spend anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000. Keep in mind, however, that if you live in a northern climate, this outdoor […]

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Closet Case; Making the most of closet storage

We recently re-designed a bedroom closet. At first glance it appeared too small for the needs of the client, but further investigation revealed it was simply poorly laid out. Our solution was to make every inch count by following our mantra for good closet design: you should be able to reach for the clothes you […]

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Harmony and Prosperity in 2012

Our credo this year is Harmony and Prosperity. Why be so preposterous as to claim that 2012 will be harmonious and prosperous, you may ask? Well, we believe that unless you claim it, it will not happen. So claim it! Say it enough times and your attitude will change. You will set into motion an […]

Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is here again with a vengeance! Thanksgiving just ended and now we are gearing up for Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year festivities. If you just hosted your family gathering and realized how difficult it was to house aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews without making your home look like a shelter of […]

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Much More Than A Mudroom

We’ve all heard of the mudroom, but have you heard about the “All-Room?” When I grew up, we had a room for “all the other stuff.” It wasn’t a storage room or the place where you dropped your muddy boots, your fishing rod and your sail gear. It was an interactive room for things you […]


Water Land

Water, water everywhere… We are getting it in droves here on the East Coast! It’s seeping into our basements, pushing through unprotected and leaky windows, driving up under roofs and penetrating ceilings. And that’s if you are lucky! We’ve been getting lots of calls lately about water-logged basements, dripping ceilings and buckled floor boards. And […]

Design With Time In Mind

I always encourage my clients to take an active role in the design or redesign of the spaces in their homes. I like it when they come to me with pictures from magazines of things they like or rough ideas sketched out on napkins or scrap paper. In simple terms, that means you cannot expect […]