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treasure box

My Mother’s Memory Boxes

Author’s Note: Friends, I hope you will allow me to take a slightly different turn in this month’s column. While I usually try to provide you with lots of practical tips and advice on design topics, this month I want to share with you a personal experience. It’s a little long, but I hope it […]


When I Get Older…

If you’ve arrived at the point in your life where the kids have moved on and you have some extra time – and maybe even some extra money! – for home renovations, one of the first rooms that often comes to mind is the master bath. No more sharing sinks, tubs and showers with messy […]

Color Your World

Color Your World

Any couple that has decided to re-paint a room knows that agreeing on a new color often requires as much diplomatic give-and-take as negotiating a peace treaty. So let me offer a few pointers on how to make your living room fresh again, while not jeopardizing your marital harmony or your bank account. Color is […]

online custom design

Custom Design with the Click of a Mouse – Part II

In the last issue of this ezine, we discussed the growing trend of do-it-yourself design. Thanks to many innovative websites, homeowners can now assume the role of interior designers and personalize many of the design elements in their homes. This month we’ll take a look at ways to put your own stamp on your window […]

Custom Design with the Click of a Mouse – Part I

Remember the days when you needed an interior designer by your side if you wanted to get custom furnishings? In the not-so-distant past, the domed halls and hushed voices of designer showrooms were the holy grail of the interior design world, places homeowners were allowed to enter only if they were accompanied by their designers. […]

New Year’s Renovations

Is this the year you will be improving your home? A difficult year has passed – for all of us, yet as a bird Phoenix rising from the ashes, new opportunities are coming out from under the economic downturn. As we see it, now it is a very good time to make improvements to your […]

Add Meaning to Your Holiday Gift Giving

In my family, the arrival of fall — and especially the month of December – signaled the beginning of a special time of holiday traditions, one of which included making hand-made Christmas presents for our friends and family. Sometimes the gifts were knitted sweaters or mittens, or scarves made out of pretty fabrics. There were […]

The Bench – Enjoy Before All the Leaves Fall

Take a walk and bring your bench along. The Bench is not just a seat; it’s a metaphor for balance and reflection, openness and transition. As we view one in the distance along a forest path, it beckons us to come and sit. As we busily tidy up the house or yard, the bench allows […]

Guilt free decadence with social conscience provenance

When I look at the furniture and decorative items around my house — pillows, small tables, candelabras, bowls, lamps and the little things that make up the style of who I am, the pieces I take out from storage or buy new to enhance the changing seasons, or things that just say what I like […]

Shedding New Light on Night Lights

Perhaps you’ve heard the ancient Chinese proverb that says, “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” I tend to think the same is true for dealing with winter’s short, dark days: better to light your landscape than complain about living in the dark. Winter’s shorter days give us an opportunity to bring the […]