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Hot tubs

Hot Tubs The Way Nature Intended

With their molded plastic seats and super-powered jets, today’s hot tubs and spas seem a far cry from the warm, healing waters of the natural mineral springs that inspired them. There are ways, however, to make today’s man-made soaks more closely resemble nature’s original hot tubs. And the first place to start is with their […]

outdoor living room

Outdoor Living Rooms

You can enhance the pleasures of the seasons and expand your living space at the same time by converting your patio or deck into a screened porch. Patio or deck conversions are quite affordable and can be completed in a matter of days. Often seen as an architectural touchstone in historic houses, where screened-in porches […]

converting an empty nest room

Remaking An Empty Nest Room Into A Dream Room

Empty nest syndrome can be quite depressing for parents who have kids going off to school for the first time. But melancholy moms and dads can now rejoice. When your child leaves for college, you can renovate his/her room and turn it into your own private sanctuary or workshop. It’s not as drastic as it […]

Ossining Design Studio Opened By Acclaimed Interior Designer Kaja Gam

Ossining, NY — April 11th, 2006 – It only makes sense that a designer with an extensive and diverse background in the arts and design would create a studio that functions as a reading room and research library. Listening to the overwhelmed voices of her clients, Copenhagen-born interior designer Kaja Gam decided to create a […]

The New American Wedding: The Merging of Households

Did you know the majority of weddings in the US are by so-called “mature” people? Author Diane Meier Delaney reveals this surprising fact in her new book, The New American Wedding published by Viking Studio (see www.newamericanwedding.com). What this means is that the average couple getting married today is not straight out of the dorm […]

mudroom cabinets

Create A Mudroom

If your house doesn’t have a mudroom, it should. And it can. Mudrooms were designed as the catchall for the “stuff” of every family member. Rather than dumping dirty shoes and wet raincoats on the carpet just inside the front or back door, everyone can make their first stop the mudroom. Don’t have one in […]

The Kitchen of Today

Is this the year to remodel your kitchen? According to House & Garden magazine’s January 2006 special report, the kitchen has doubled in size since the 1970s. That means it finally gets the recognition it deserves as the most important room in the house. Kitchens designed today will last for a very long time because […]

holiday colors

Holiday Colors: Creating a colorful holiday for all the senses

Traditionally, the holiday season is filled with an abundance of red and green, blue and silver. However, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukah or any other holiday, you can deck the halls with the holiday colors of your choice. Choose your favorite shades and hues then craft a holiday around them. Do you like metallics? […]

guest privacy

Holiday House Guests

Helping Guests Feel At Home In Your Home House guests and holidays go hand in hand. While things can become a bit crowded when overnight guests are in your home, you can still keep everyone happy if you do a little planning before guests arrive. Follow these simple tips to help make your guests feel […]


Custom-Built vs. Ready-Made Cabinets: When and where to spend

Custom-Built vs. Ready-Made Cabinets: Which Is the Better Value? Storage space is something no one can have too much of. Many times, as we live in our homes for longer periods of time, we discover we need more room. Closets that are stuffed to capacity, pantries filled to the brim or stacks of CDs and […]