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Near But Far

Hangouts that satisfy teens desire to be on their own – while still at home If you have teenagers, you know how they need their “space.” Yet even as they try to distance themselves from their parents – both mentally and spatially – teenagers still want to stay close. This tendency to say “Leave me […]

dorm room design

Dorm Room Design 101

A few weeks ago I was sitting around a large table at Starbucks with six high school seniors discussing dorm rooms. After a timid first half hour, when it was clear that none of the girls had any concrete plans or had even thought in detail about their pending four years (or more?!) of college […]

Hastings on Hudson Kitchen by Kaja Gam Design

Dollars and Sense

Why a house renovation is more than JUST looking at numbers Long before deciding on things like countertops and paint colors, homeowners considering major house renovations need to ask themselves more important and basic questions, including: How long are we going to stay here? Can we afford it? What is the value of our house […]

energy efficient home

The Real Green

Energy-saving efforts are where money is being spent today. The federal government is pushing states to start saving energy — now. New York state (like many others) has established a new entity devoted entirely to energy saving. The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority, or NYSERDA, (no, Jon Stewart didn’t make that up) […]

Major renovation with Kaja Gam Design

Family Friendly Fabrics

Does this scenario from a client of mine sound familiar to you: “After this last snowstorm, I have had it. I know spring is not going to come any sooner this year, but the gleaming light bouncing off the snow hit my living room like a 3,000- watt searchlight and revealed the bare and ugly […]

design ideas

Design Ideas for Working with a Budget

As we embark on a new year and a downturn in the economic environment, most of us have become increasingly cautious about spending. At such times renovation plans tend to be put on hold for a brighter day. While caution and thinking twice about how to spend is always wise, when it comes to the […]


C’mon Baby Light My Fire

What better way to tune out the hectic pace of the post-holidays than to sit down in front of a crackling fire and allow it to soothe your senses with its dancing flames and rustic aromas. I can think of no better way to bring your family together and silence the unending barrage of mindless […]

luxury bathroom sink

Luxurious Lavs

Last month we envisioned re-creating the luxurious appeal of a boutique hotel bedroom in your own home. This month let’s take the pampering a step further and see how your en-suite bath can become as luxurious as your new boutique bedroom – and still be uniquely yours. As my clients know, I am committed to green design and […]

Bedroom design portfolio

Vacation in Luxury at Home

In today’s difficult financial times, more and more people are choosing “stay-cations” as opposed to “vacations” and as such, are looking for ways to re- create the luxurious feel of boutique hotels, with their rich bed linens, sophisticated lighting and stylish décor so they can feel as though they are on vacation every day. The […]

Take it outside!

Outdoor rooms continue to grow in popularity, as more and more American’s discover the appeal of backyard decks or patios as places for quiet relaxation or as additional rooms for entertaining family and friends. To make the most of your outdoor oasis, consider: Patios, decks or a seasonally-covered porches: There are choices for every budget […]